Ode to Education

Sixty-two years old, & so often been told, That “You just won’t amount to a thing”; Thanks to “OV”, that’s “Organic Valley”, I’m about to step into some “Bling”.   Because they’re so cool, they sent me to school, So I could learn how to do Marketing; The kids are so great, they think I […]

Social Media Usage – “Where Does Your Generation Rank?”

Riddle me this: What type of text allows you to be seen by multiple people, in multiple places, at multiple times? Answer:  “Face” – “Book” How can you immediately share your lifestyle experiences through words with pictures?    Answer:  “Insta” – “Gram” Granted, SocialMedia is predominantly a younger generation thing.  However, all generation must adapt to life […]

La Crosse Family Fun with “CLARK GRISWOLD”

    Day #1- Sightseeing/Learning Grandad Bluff (photo #1) – 3020 Grandad Bluff Rd. Spectacular views of the city w/ numerous hiking trails. Children’s Museum – 207 5th Ave South Interactive exhibits, climbing wall, multi-purpose theater. La Crosse Queen – 405 E Veterans Memorial Dr Upper Mississippi River Paddle-wheel Cruises: Sightseeing, Pizza,  Friday/Saturday Night Dinner, […]

Storytelling Your Business

“Line, Paragraph, Chapter!!!” Information contained in this post was curated from Kate Santore @ https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2018/02/coca-cola-storytelling/. It is intended to inform readers about how to improve their business and make it more interesting to potential consumers. The following is my synopsis of the contents contained therein. DREAM!, INNOVATE!!, RE-IMAGINE!!! – Bigger, Better, Bolder! First: start with the Object of Desire; use humor, wit, and […]


  The final project Assignment for Marketing Research:  Find an actual client and get permission to perform Marketing Research Data Collection. Data Dogs, “Chewin’ Up Research Like a Dog on a Bone!” (our student research team), in conjunction with  the Western Technical College Recruitment Department has been asked to conduct research on their Program Shadow Best […]

“STOP THIEF(s)!!!”, Before They Can Start – 5 Retail Pre-Theft Prevention’s

In an interesting article written by Humayun Khan, Inventory Management, on May 2, 2016, insight is given on how retailers can prevent shoplifting before it happens.  The articles contents consists of  five crucial steps to take in order to do so.  They are as follows:  Keep Your Store Organized and Products Well-Placed– a) take note of Empty Space […]

Visual Merchandising: “Appealing to the ‘Sense’s’!”

My subject for this assignment?  Visual Merchandising, and it’s Vital Importance in SALES!  All information gathered within the following is accredited to Author:  @kellymolson – Managing Director and  co-founder  in 2003 of @ www.rubbercheese.com“A Design Agency based near to Essex who work hard to make our clients ideas and visions some alive!” Article Titled:   The Importance of Visual Merchandising The […]