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Social Media – Google +

1)      The following are the sources with which I gathered information contained in this article.




Ø advantages-and-disadvantages.html  

2)      In my own words, GOOGLE+ is a fairly new (2011) networking service which was implemented with the hope of overtaking Face Book. The major intention of GOOGLE+ is to allow those with a Google account to; more clearly, define who you share with and how you interact with others in the same medium.  GOOGLE+ uses a couple of different elements of communication methods such as Circles, which allows a person to communicate updates to a smaller, more personal audience.  Another element of GOOGLE+ is what is referred to as Hangouts.  Hangouts are video chats and a means of instant messaging that a person can send out from either their phone or desktop with text or video for up to 10 people.

3)      The Pros and Cons of GOOGLE+:  In an article written on Aug 16, 2014, by Alexandru Marton, who works at IBM Romania and studied at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management contends that the following are some of the Pros of GOOGLE+:  You can,

ü  organize your contacts in circles, share specific articles w/specific people

ü  use hangouts for communication, IM (Instant messaging), VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol  or video calls/video conferences

ü  if you are a writer/blogger, create a network for your work related articles/books

However, some of the Cons, as reported by themselves are:

Ø  No stream (newsfeed) search

Ø  Not compatible with Google Apps account

Ø  Comments timeline is not customizable

Ø  No photo organization and

Ø  Not integrated with You Tube

4)      From what I gather, the effectiveness of GOOGLE+’s AIDA model are as such, Attention, Interest, Desire and Action were all well accepted in its early stage of the products  life cycle in 2011.  However, fairly quickly, they seemed to have lost a considerable amount of all of the components of AIDA mostly because of their considerable disadvantages section.

5)      The kind of audience, message and goals that GOOGLE+ is best at reaching is, shall I say “Popular among the personal/private sector”,   meaning you can react, interact or not react.

6)      a) I believe that the target market for the Western Marketing Program that would be most affected by GOOGLE+ would be the High School Segment because they are new to the College thing and perhaps they would create their ‘circles’ and connect with each other about post high school things.

b) “Marketing students of All Demographics and Segments, now hear this!!!  Use GOOGLE+ with all your (its) Circles and connect with all of your VIP’s where you can meet and converse in your (its) own personal Hangouts.”

c) An example of how I would use this media to reach any or all of TC Marketing Program is the same as stated in 6 b).  Advertise to all College Entrants and try to convince them to hook up with their friends on GOOGLE+.

         7)  The thing that surprised me about this media was the fact that a person can do general searches to see what people say, offer and ask.

         8)  I believe that the biggest misconception with GOOGLE+ is that they think they can compete with the likes of Face Book.

        9) The example of GOOGLE+ that I chose to provide is, Images for show examples of Google+.

      10) The account of my sources for this writen are stated in answer #1.

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