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My subject for this assignment?  Visual Merchandising, and it’s Vital Importance in SALES!  All information gathered within the following is accredited to Author:  @kellymolson – Managing Director and  co-founder  in 2003 of @“A Design Agency based near to Essex who work hard to make our clients ideas and visions some alive!”

Article Titled:   The Importance of Visual Merchandising

The article can be summarized in 3 Categories to Engage & Inspire shoppers in order to increase Sales, Margin & Return on Space by allowing customers to Avoid Confusion, the feel of at Ease, and Easy to Find products.

1st IMPRESSIONS:  Exterior= Appealing, Clear, Consistent Branding Signage;  Window Displays that are Simple, Bold and Uncluttered (special offers not too big/little)using Bright Colors & Lighting

  1. The BIG 3 Factors a) avoid overwhelming/Confusion, (only a few seconds to be Viewed & Attracted), b) Reference by Color w/product Identity, c) Display with Other Products that Work Well and Look Good
  2. Feel At Ease in order to entice Lingering  (catch their Eye & Keep Them) w/ 1) Music, 2) Lighting and 3) Colors for Stress Levels using a) Sight, b) Hearing, 3) Touch 4) Smell & 5) Taste


Easy To Find with Information to Buy with Confidence

Be Creative with Produce and Displays to Maximize Shelf Appeal using the Brand Story into the Design

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Simple


All of these principles will enhance local La Crosse area retailers and give them an upper hand in creating sales and product awareness.  Get into the foot-traffic areas and “Catch their Eyes, Attention, and Dedication”.  By implementing all of these ideas and tips,  Success in Inevitable!!



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  1. I agree that effective visual merchandising is a key to increasing sales. Cluttered signage is a real turn-off to many consumers, whereas clear, eye-catching, and informative signage can make the difference between a sale and no sale.

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