“Line, Paragraph, Chapter!!!”

Information contained in this post was curated from Kate Santore @ https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2018/02/coca-cola-storytelling/. It is intended to inform readers about how to improve their business and make it more interesting to potential consumers. The following is my synopsis of the contents contained therein.

DREAM!, INNOVATE!!, RE-IMAGINE!!! – Bigger, Better, Bolder!

First: start with the Object of Desire; use humor, wit, and charm to capture attention. Secondly: Create an Embodiment of an Attitude; be positive, confident, and self-reliant. Thirdly: Implement Social Connectorsapply all necessary means of Social Media to promote your business. And fourthly: Offer Functional Offerings or Benefits; give incentives to increase awareness and interest.


DRAMATIC: relating to the Story!  

INCLUSIVE:  being part of the Story!!

OPTIMISTIC hopeful and confident  in the Story!!!  

Follow a JOURNEY

Make visitors:

THINK: so they form an opinion, belief, or idea of the Journey! 

LAUGH:  so they express enjoyment and amusement of the Journey!!

CRY: so they may display emotion throughout the Journey!!!  

Implementing these tactics into your business will affect potential consumers through Physical, Mental, and Emotional aspects creating an intimate relationship between you and your customers. Give it a try, can’t hurt, right?

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