“Hello everyone, my name is Tony Bilek (bee-lek). 

The following is a summary of my present, past and future.

PRESENT:  I am a 62 year old, 44-year-red-shirt Senior, at Western Technical College in La Crosse, WI.  I live in La Farge, WI. with my wife Virginia (Nofsinger).  I am presently employed by Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative in Cashton, WI.  In addition, I have recently started my own business called “KICK-A-BEAR Kro-kay” – ‘Where the Game of golf meets ‘Old School’ croquet’.  Located in historic La Farge, WI., where the Kickapoo river meets Bear Creek.  In the near future, please look us up @  www.kickabearcroquet.net where  I have designed and built a miniature golf course that a person plays croquet on (for those who remember the game).  I also have written several songs, the most recent of which being a song for my wife, 15 years-4 month & 3 days after our wedding called “You’re All That I Need (To Be Me)”.  In the near future, please inquire @  www.beecausemusic.net.  

PAST:  Hometown; Union Center, WI.  High School; Wonewoc-Center, Wonewoc, WI.  I started playing music at the age of 16 (drums).  Still in high school, my 1st gig was at Milton College in Milton, WI.  High School kids playing for College kids, 1975.  Awesome!  Eighteen years later in 1993, Wisconsin State Champion Hodag Band Competition Winners, I was 35 years old.   

FUTURE:  My future plans are to graduate Western TC with (at least) an Associate Degree in Marketing so as to join OV’s Marketing Department, continue my plans for KICK-A-BEAR Courses and eventually sell some of my music!!!”