The first two questions are fairly easy to answer:


  • Constantly!
  • Continually!
  • Ongoing!
  • “As we speak!”


  • Via the intranet (all social media outlets)
  • WOM (Word Of Mouth)
  • Television exposure
  • “Throughout mankind!”

The next three however:

WHAT? Viral…  

Viral – is the act of “starting something” (usually new) that has not been done, or often times even thought of before, and then proceeding to put it out on all of the social media networks where it will be gauged by the responses of the public’s reaction and/or perception of said subject.  Something that is fairly new and spreads rapidly throughout the modern world.

WHY?.is the Viral Concept important from a marketing perspective?

The Viral Concept from a marketing perspective is vital because any product or service can reach out to “the whole connected world” to promote their product.  According to, the viral effect can spread through many different networks, including:

  • Word-of-mouth
  • Email
  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Video sharing sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Web forums

HOW?…do we come up with a viral idea…by  “stepping outside of the box”, being “unique”, and implementing “creativity”!!!

HOW?…do we tie it to a business?

According to, “Everyone wants it…A business, product, or service that naturally goes VIRAL. (Like a disease you just can’t stop from spreading, right?)  Think Apple. Think Face Book. Think about that YouTube video you watched…and wonder: How. Do. They. Do It?!  You might be surprised to see who all those companies turn to when they’re ready to make their products go viral.  You can learn a lot here, if you just stop and pay attention! =)  I’ve heard this is coming down shortly. Who knows if that’s true or not…I’d hate to wait and find out that I’d lost out.  No matter what, if you dream of your product, service or business going viral, you’ll really want to stop and check this out now.  To Your Success!  Diane”

As the marketer of, I am encouraged to, and seriously thinking about, “going viral” with a video taping of  the original rap song about my life titled, “Here’s Da Thang!!!”  I would be able to determine it’s effectiveness by reaction/response of feedback that would result in comments from the general public.

Unfortunately I was only able to view one of the video that we made of the Mannequin Challenge.  I thought it was quite good baring one slight movement and the fact that I got the impression that the thing was recorded upside-down.  Overall however, I thought that all of us done a great job of, “playin’ Mannequin”!!!

Some additional viral resources are:

  1. 4 Rules for a Video to Go Viral | Convince and Convert: Social Media …

  2. Idaho Student Journalism Association : Resources for “going viral”

  3. 10 Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral – American Film Market …




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