This assignment led me to a neat article written by Khalid Saleh and published by  featuring a number of graphs, pie charts, maps, and tables (which in my opinion, are fun to read).

The subject of this article titled, Trends Impacting Consumer Buying Behaviors, is a list of  traits which influence you and I while shopping via E-commerce.

The following, are a few examples of data collected and the percentage  of what the average customer is looking for in terms of influencing us to purchase online.


Online Buying Behavior Incentives Willingness to Purchase
Online Shopping At least Once Per Month 62%
Overall Online Purchasing Experience 83%
Payment Options Availability Satisfaction 71%
Free/Discounted Shipping 69%
Returns / Exchanges 62%
Offered Free shipping 80%
Free Returns 64%
Coupons On Line 33%
Incentives / Promotions 60%


Other Notes of Interest:

Devices Used for Purchasing Percentage
Personal Computers 49%
Smartphones 37%
Tablets 14%


Social Media Platforms for Online Purchasing

Platform Percentage
Facebook 77%
Twitter 26%
LinkedIn 22%
Pinterest 18%
Google Plus 17%


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  1. These statistics do indeed demonstrate a changing trend in consumer shopping and merchandising. This past Christmas I did about 95% of my shopping online for all of the reasons listed in the tables.

    1. It is so much easier isn’t it Sherri. The convenience of “shopping from Home”; not to mention the gas money, jumping all around town, and probably the most important, “the crowds”. Thanks for the comments!

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