The final project Assignment for Marketing Research:  Find an actual client and get permission to perform Marketing Research Data Collection.

Data Dogs, “Chewin’ Up Research Like a Dog on a Bone!” (our student research team), in conjunction with  the Western Technical College Recruitment Department has been asked to conduct research on their Program Shadow Best Practices Program.  This program allows potential future students the opportunity to visit the Western Campus and sit in on actual class proceedings.  The problem is that instructors often find it difficult to schedulet these visits because of things like Practicalast Exam, Presentations, Written Exams, and the like.

Data Dogs played it by the book following the 8 Steps for Conducting Data Research:

  1. Formulate Problem
  2. Determine Research Design
  3. Determine Data Collection Method
  4. Design Data Collection Forms
  5. Design Sample
  6. Collection Data
  7. Annalize and Interpet Data
  8. Prepare the Research Roporteam


After carefully following these steps, the Dogs are happy to announce that the Recruiting Department was very pleased with our results. We came to the conclusion that the two biggest concerns were…

  • Scheduling, and
  • often times, “No-Shows”


By way of a survey, we concluded that further examination of data will result in an ever increasing awareness of the Program Shadow Experience at Western TC.

The major concern for the school is that visiting students feel the passion for that which is the Western TC sense of “oneness” with the school, students, and community.  Emphasizing the importance of knowing a student made the right choice in choosing Western as their school for Higher Education!

Stay tuned for the results of further analysis!

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