Sixty-two years old, & so often been told,

That “You just won’t amount to a thing”;

Thanks to “OV”, that’s “Organic Valley”,

I’m about to step into some “Bling”.


Because they’re so cool, they sent me to school,

So I could learn how to do Marketing;

The kids are so great, they think I could take,

A shot at becoming their King. 


Next thing you know, I’m starting to grow

Getting used to these modern-day toys;

From computer laptops to assignments non-stop,

I’m feelin’ like one-of-the-boys. 


Though it’s taking some time, I’m still towing-the-line,

En route to, Grad-u-a-tion Day;

But if you want to see, what I’m starting to be,

Click above where it says “Resume”.


Certified in Social Media, and Email-Mar-ket-ing,

From the HubSpot A-cad-e-my;

Plus, Goo-gle Ads Dis-play, I’m just here to say

“I hope that you’re starting to see!”


Remember that day, when they all used to say,

That “You can’t teach an ‘Old Dog’ new tricks”?

Well I’m living proof, that, that’s just a ‘spoof’,

“Cuz, with these kids, I am “right in the mix”!


So with that being said, “Education’s Not Dead”,

If self-improvement is what you hold dear;

To “Give all you’ve got”, we know the spot,

Become a Western TC Cavalier!!! 

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