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“Digging Deep” – Groundwork for Marketing Research

The following is my Info graph of our class project titled, 8 Steps in Conducting Marketing Research.  The instructor randomly placed the assignments (w/o identification) throughout the room and asked students to rate their 3 favorites in terms of 1) informational content, 2) visualization, and 3) simplicity, Of the 13 assignments handed in, my fellow classmates chose my project […]

Social Media – Google+

Promotional Tools Research, Share and Summarize Assignment Social Media – Google + 1)      The following are the sources with which I gathered information contained in this article. Ø Ø Ø Ø advantages-and-disadvantages.html   2)      In my own words, GOOGLE+ is a fairly new (2011) networking service which was implemented with the hope […]

“Viral Effectiveness…when?…where?…what?…why? …and how?”

The first two questions are fairly easy to answer: WHEN?… Constantly! Continually! Ongoing! “As we speak!” WHERE?… Via the intranet (all social media outlets) WOM (Word Of Mouth) Television exposure “Throughout mankind!” The next three however: WHAT?…is Viral…   Viral – is the act of “starting something” (usually new) that has not been done, or often […]

The 40 Year Red-shirt Freshman

I chose to attend Western Technical College to pursue a degree in Marketing because of my status at the place where I work. At present, I work at Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative in the Distribution Center.  However, I do believe that my skills are better suited for the Marketing Department – but – I have no degree! The one thing […]